Sunday, March 12, 2023

Bald men don't use hair gel.


Bald men don't use hair gel. 

Or do they?

If you see a bald man shopping for his wife and he leaves the store with a box of tampons, aspirin, a men's health ab edition, and hair gel, he may not be passive-aggressive.  And I'm pretty sure he is hiding something. Not that I had any experience in that sort of thing. Luckily for me, I still have some hair left. And I don't need to shop for my wife anymore. I don't have one, for obvious reasons. However, I still lack the courage to check out certain things. And I surely don't need other people checking my things out. 

Enter the jobs-stealing technology known as Self-Checkout. 

I have to admit. Not a fan, unless of course, I have to buy something a little too risky. I mean I have a reputation to fake. I'm just glad self-checkouts don't have mirrors. Can you imagine the conversation? The voice says Please place your item in the bag. Your answer I'd rather not thank you. You put all your stuff in the bag and get ready to leave when the voice returns. Please sanitize your hands and yes the mirror too you freak!

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