Saturday, June 10, 2023

Born in a barn

 Born in a barn

 If Jesus were here today, he'd probably live in a bachelor apartment above an old out-of-business service station in rural Ontario, Canada. More than likely be vegan and host a podcast called The Daily Miracle. The apartment would be spotless. And although he was born in a barn,  I don't think he'd appreciate everyone mentioning that fact, every time they visited. 

He would still have twelve friends. One, of course, a traitor. The others could be and would be, a big fat gender-confused spectrum of interesting possibilities. Oh yeah, and maybe a hooker on the side for arm art because I don't think he would be into tats.

 The opening lines of his podcast would be. “My dad loves you and so do I”  The guest would come on the show with a host of problems. Why yes, pun intended. Thank you. He would ponder, think and say out loud “What would daddy do?” I think your solution my friend is stuck between stagnation and creation. Look what can be done with a stick and mud. What I'm trying to say is “Don't be a stick in the mud, make something happen”  You woke up, so wake up and create your daily miracle. At the end of the show, he would have a simple closing remark “Amen”


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